Saturday, May 31, 2008


I guess I'll join the masses.
Join the ranks of baseball and football players, bicyclers and MMA fighters, spelling test takers, driver's test takers, newly designed engines, computer programs, NASA equipment.
Well, that all makes me feel a little bit better. Ok, not really.
Until I think of the lives that have been on hold, just waiting for these test results. The lives that have been changed and rearranged based on the fact that I KNEW that I was going to pass this time.
The real problem is that I didn't even have to take the test to find out that I failed.

So, what are we going to do next?

Here's the plan:

1) Eat the cake. All by myself. Yes...the whole thing!

2) Go on a diet to lose at least 5 pounds a month until we decide to try again.

3) Keep working on earning my orange belt stripes in Karate. I will be receiving my 2nd on Tuesday, and I need 3 more before I can test for the yellow belt.

4) Get O.B. to chill out at the gym and lay off the diet pills that the GNC "experts"(aka-the Furman football players) tell him will help him lose the almost 39 year old belly pooch. Most of the pills he buys are within the pages of my Women's Fitness magazine...perfect for an almost 39 year old man. Right?

Thanks to all of you who sent me support, love, and prayers. I'm sorry I left you hanging for the entire 2 weeks. I'll try not to do that as often. There are quite a few things I should post about. Maybe I can get on the ball (see the cold ones up there? ;^) )

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's happening

not again, and hopefully only once! In a few hours we will prayerfully begin growing the next generation of Boop's. After 2 weeks of being on some serious hormone medications I have 2 potential halves of the little one(s) deep inside of me. Hopefully Officer Boop will have the missing halves (or at least 1 missing half) and that little soldier will find its way. We will be getting assistance for O.B.'s little marching men. They will be collected, spun, washed, examined, then shot directly towards their target.

In technical terms they call this IUI, intrauterine insemination. Please don't get this confused with IVF. We aren't creating "test-tube" babies. We are just getting assistance with getting his sperm to where they need to be when my egg comes scooting down the fallopian tube and lands in my uterus. It's still a God thing, and He'll get all the praises or tears whatever happens.

So, for the next 2 weeks you will probably see more of me. I will be here venting my frustrations and worrying like crazy. It's so hard not to POAS (google it)!