Wednesday, February 24, 2010

At a snail's pace

That's about how fast we are moving with getting a definite diagnosis of secondary hypogonadism. Several days after meeting with the endocrinologist, DH asked if I thought my GP would listen to my theory and agree to treat him based on that diagnosis. Based on my 5 year history with Dr. M, I told DH that it was worth a shot. I knew that if I went in there with my research, diagnosis, and plan Dr. M would hear me out. If he didn't I knew I could always cry. It's worked before, and I'm willing to show my true emotions with him instead of stuffing and getting pissed! DH agreed to give it another shot, so before he could have a change of heart I called and set up the appointment for the next day.

After the usual 40 minute waiting room delay, we were ushered to the back where DH was weighed, vital'd, and questioned by the nurse. He sat wordless as I explained the dilema. After she left, I asked if I should "shut my trap". His shrug was what I've come to expect from low T DH...disappointing. The old DH would crack a joke or at least tell me that I'm some form of crazy. I sure do miss that man! Anyway, Dr. M came in asking about the labs we had brought from his old doc, Dr. DeG, showing how rapidly and drastically DH's T is dropping. I spread out my research showing him how all of the hormones are related, what the optimal levels are for DH's age and build, and what the AACE guidlines recommend. He admitted that he doesn't know enough about endocrinology to treat such an issue and suggested we go visit one...LOL!!! After telling him the very short story of our last visit ("The guy was an ass, and we won't go back!") he agreed to order an MRI for the pituitary. He also thought we might have better luck going back to the RE we saw several years ago.

The best nurses that I've dealt with work at PREG! Dr. N and Dr. P were so very lucky and very smart to hire these girls. This is the RE's office. The nurse that answered the phone immediatly recognized my desperation, and answered as many questions as she could over the phone. She took the time to speak with Dr. P after pulling our records from the 2008 files! The consensus was that we should complete the MRI to rule out a tumor, then we can make an appointment to speak with either one of the docs. We will be treated as if we are trying to conceive which will include an updated SA to determine if the low T is affecting DH's counts. The nurse explained that they will send those results to the only urologist in our area that treats men with infertility problems, Dr. H. She also affirmed that they have treated men with this problem before, and that they have done so using low dose Clomid. She wasn't sure if they have ever used HCG, but she giggled when I sighed loudly and said "It's about time someone knows what they are doing!"

That was last week, and this week has been just as interesting! It started off with the MRI appt at 7:15 am Monday morning. OMG...that's just insane! Somehow we made it on time, and I didn't even have to sing. Unfortunately the MRI tech doesnt' know what to do with an order that says, "MRI with sedation", so less than 15 minutes after he went back DH rushes out, grabs his stuff, and says, "Let's get out of here!" Turns out the tech didn't give him any sedation, and he flipped out after just the first 2 minutes. There was no way I'd be able to drag him back in there, so we headed over to Dr. M's office to let them know what happened. The nurse says she will let the doc know, and will make calls to the "open MRI" locations to find out if the test can be completed at one of their offices.

Now that it's 9am, and a few offices are open, I place a call to Dr. H. The receptionist reluctantly answers a few of my questions. "Yes, he will treat men with low T that want to maintain their fertilty withOUT using T shots." "No, I can't tell you what that treatment will be because it's based on the individual." "Yes, he will treat based on symptoms, and not strictly the labs." "Yes, I can make him an appointment." "No, he can't be seen before March 9th. Dr. H won't let us overbook. He prefers to have an open schedule so that he can spend enough time with each patient." "Yes, I will put you on a cancellation list, and call you if ANYTHING comes open!"

Did you catch all of those doctor's? We've used Dr. DeG...DH's first GP whom wanted to treat him with T shots, and doesn't know that they will cause infertilty and raisins. Dr. W...the endocrinologist. Enough said there! Dr. GP for the past 5 + years, and now DH's. Dr's P and N...RE's from PREG whom have the best nurses on the planet. Dr. H...urologist with an infertilty specialty. I've got my fingers crossed that he also has all the answers! Whew. My phone's contact list is full, and I'm exhausted!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who, where, what, why, and some how

First, the basics:

34 years old


Living in Greenville, South Carolina

Married since 10/28/00

Nurse since 5/04-I worked one year at a local hospital on their telemetry unit and hated the day shift nurses, so I found a job working with special needs children and their families. It is the perfect job for me!

Oldest of 6 children with ages spread between 34 and 12, only 1 boy out of the bunch. All of us came from the same mom and dad, and no we aren’t catholic, and yes they knew what caused it, lol. I live 600 miles away from them, and miss them all fiercely.

I have dealt with infertility for 5 years and 4 months now. I have an irritable uterus, and they don’t know why I don’t ovulate regularly. I also have a fairly rare double genetic mutation that does not allow my body to process folic acid correctly. One important thing that folic acid does is to keep the blood from creating clots.

I have lost 3 babies to the above mentioned gene mutation between April ‘06 and now. The most recent was on 6/25/09. This was the first baby to make it past 6 1/2 weeks gestation. I had heard the heartbeat 3 times, and was told that everything was going well on my new treatment plan. Unfortunately, the doctors didn’t begin this plan until the end of week 6, and by that time the gestational sac’s blood supply had already clotted. So, even though the baby was able to recieve good blood thanks to blood thinner shots, the sac stopped growing and suffocated my child at 8 weeks and 2 days.

Back to more fun stuff…

I take karate 2 evenings per week. It is American style with a little of this, a little of that all mixed together. I am finishing my green belt, and am ready to get down and dirty with the late evening grappling class.

I just joined a gym with my husband. It’s very nice with upscale equipment, a quiet atmosphere, a tanning bed, a hydrotherapy massage bed, private saunas, and the most beautiful private bathrooms! A gym is where DH and I first started to really get to know each other, so I figured it would be a great place to reconnect after the crazyness of the past several years.

I’m training to run 3 miles as part of my black belt test.

I’m a very amatuer photographer.

I’m a (slightly better than) amatuer cake decorator.

Lord, Sinner here...

It is I, Sinner.
Many of my friends are hurting tonight.
I am but a man, but you are God.
Among our differences is the fact that you have said over and over again that it is
your delight when we come to you.
And among our differences is that an old stiff necked, stubborn self-centered fool
like me can throw himself at your feet and not be crushed,
as I would crush if I were you.

So I am there Lord.
Forgive me my sins so I may ask of you…
Many of my friends are hurting tonight.
The Spirit tugs me to ask.
The Spirit puts tears in my eyes.
Wave your hand over us Lord,
so that for a moment we can all have peace.
Do not fix our problems – that is not what I ask.
Do not make us better – that is not what I ask.
I ask…. Just touch us.
Pass your hand over us so that we can be reminded you are there.
For just a moment take the hurt from all of us, if it is your will.
It is but a flick of your finger.
Just a nod of your head.
You are God.
Because my friends hurt tonight.


*Written and prayed by “Shipguy”
He can be found on forums