Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lord, Sinner here...

It is I, Sinner.
Many of my friends are hurting tonight.
I am but a man, but you are God.
Among our differences is the fact that you have said over and over again that it is
your delight when we come to you.
And among our differences is that an old stiff necked, stubborn self-centered fool
like me can throw himself at your feet and not be crushed,
as I would crush if I were you.

So I am there Lord.
Forgive me my sins so I may ask of you…
Many of my friends are hurting tonight.
The Spirit tugs me to ask.
The Spirit puts tears in my eyes.
Wave your hand over us Lord,
so that for a moment we can all have peace.
Do not fix our problems – that is not what I ask.
Do not make us better – that is not what I ask.
I ask…. Just touch us.
Pass your hand over us so that we can be reminded you are there.
For just a moment take the hurt from all of us, if it is your will.
It is but a flick of your finger.
Just a nod of your head.
You are God.
Because my friends hurt tonight.


*Written and prayed by “Shipguy”
He can be found on forums

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