Sunday, February 24, 2008

Let's Play 20 Questions

1. I love to play puzzle games online and spades with another couple.
2. I am my husband's insanity-especially while I'm taking fertility drugs.
3. I worked as a Burger King manager for 8 years-we don't flop Whoppers!
4. I drink southern sweet tea. One large will last me all day.
5. I HATE coffee (unless it's a Java Chip Frappacino from Starbucks).
6. I HATE olives - any kind, in anything.
7. I make desserts that most people want to know what store I bought them from.
8. I have quit alot of jobs as a teenager (over 20 in a 2 year period).
9. I love to watch home-improvement shows.
11. My dream is to travel to Australia, Ireland/Scotland, and Europe.
12. I have lived in Miami, FL, Medina, OH, Evansville, IN, Greenville, SC.
13. My mom is a much better friend now that I am grown and almost 700 miles away.
14. I was born with blonde hair, but it's getting darker as I get older. I occassionally die it just for fun!
15. I play the piano, trombone, and baritone. I still own a trombone.
16. My first car was a chevy Impala painted blue w/ sparkles and my dad pin-striped it with red and my little brother gave me hot pink windshield wipers.
17. I knew I'd marry my husband after I knew him about a week. It was a total set-up!!!
18. I bought him a necklace with a badge. He said it was nice and put it away. When we started getting really serious, I started to wear it...and still do almost 10 years later!
19. I had to move out of my room-mates house because she propositioned my man! He didn't tell me about it until 2 weeks before we got married.
20. I love to read more than anything else in the world. When I have time, I can read an entire novel in one day.

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Gretchen said...

I love learning more about people. Thanks for sharing!