Thursday, October 4, 2007


Sweet Baby

Do you know I have already seen you?
You are so far away from me,
yet I have felt the touch of your soft skin.
I have stared at you in awe…
marveling at the fact that you are mine.
I have felt you in my arms,
as I touched your fine hair
and stroked your smooth, round cheeks.
I have looked at your sleeping face,
as I wondered if you looked like me or your daddy.
Oh, how I do not want to awake from these dreams
and return to my place of empty arms.
But for now I will.
I can only try to remember you, little one,
And the feeling of you nestled in my embrace.
I will try to hold onto that feeling,
finally knowing what it is like to be a Mother.
I will try to remember that dream with hope and not with sadness,
Praying that maybe…
Just maybe
My Sweet Baby
Is not so far away after all.

author unknown

Please remember those of us that have lost babies, born and unborn, on October 15th...Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day.

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