Sunday, September 30, 2007

2 Days with Earth's Angels

Buddy Walk 2007
Furman University

What could be better than free ice-cream, soda-pop, hot dogs, and Furman cheerleaders??? How about around $10,000 to support Down Syndrome Family Alliance of Greenville? I had a great time walking w/ the Blackstone family! Rodney is featured in the middle of the passle of cheerleaders! He is one of "my boys". I get paid to play with, watch movies with, and feed this awesome young man. He is constantly moving and bending into the weirdest positions. The never ending string of Veggie Tales and Sesame Street movies will give you crazy nightmares. And the belly of this boy is a deep dark holds every food imaginable in generous amounts...except CHOCOLATE!!! Weirdo! ;)

Special Olympics 2007
Challenge Day
Bob Jones University
Ben worked with his volunteers, John and Cole, to earn 2 gold medals and the pretty rose (that I'm guessing was given to mom and sissy!). For this day, I got paid to follow around these 2 strong college guys while they pushed and pulled Ben, his Red Racer, and all his equipment around the field! All I had to do was make sure he wore his sunglasses outside and kept from losing his Passy Muir Valve...we wouldn't want him to be quiet (?) Not really! He loved talking to all the volunteers there and even amazed the Speech Pathology Professor! We are really looking forward to our next Olympics this spring at Furman University. Meanwhile, we'll keep painting, learning to talk and walk, and having all around fun!!!

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Gretchen said...

Betty Boop--I just realized you had a blog! Thanks for all you do for Ben!! You're as special as he and his family are :)