Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"The Money Pit"

Welcome to the Boop's money pit, more commonly known as The House from Hades! This was all Officer Boop's brilliant idea..."we need to get this house and flip it! We could make an easy $20,000." That was almost 4 years ago. The stupid thing won't even sommersault, but I believe it does back-flips! 3 years ago we petitioned our county council to rezone the house as office-commercial so we could open a business in it (another of O.B.'s brilliant ideas). After sitting unoccupied for over a year we allowed 2 brothers to "rent-to-own". They started a small hispanic based real-estate company in our house, built up their business and decided that they couldn't get the money to complete the purchase, hmmmmmmm, convenient! So they tell us all this on Wednesday and are out by Friday! Back to empty :(

Last fall a (now former) friend decided to move back into our area. We offered to allow him to live in our rental for 2 months w/o requiring rent payments while he got a job and got settled in. Yeah, we're suckers! We also put the electricity in our names..."Here's your sign!" $6,000 in missing payments later, it's July '07 and "N.B. and O.B., I don't think I can continue to make these rent payments and pay the utilities (WHAT???????). I'm going to move back in with my mom."

2 days after former friend moved out, the A/C unit was stolen from the outside of the house. You know what I'm talking about....the big box looking thing outside!?! Yep, the whole thing! Gone!!! Funny thing is, the trashcans were moved over to block the view of that side of the house, the unit was turned off from the inside (yes, all the doors and windows were locked), f.f. used a panel van to move all his stuff out in the middle of the night and then payed us 3 $100 dollar bills the next day! I tried to call the recycling company down the street, but they gave me the runaround about checking for his and his friends name on their list.

"Two weeks" later the water heater blew up!!! That's the start of the current crisis with "The Money Pit/House from Hades".

"2 weeks" From start to finish it'll be 2 weeks. That's what the dude said on August 11th. It still looks like this! Only they added this hole :

And threw the trash into the tub and sinks...destroying them.

They also moved both toilets off the sewer holes. Wonderful! THANKS!!! And they are the Preferred Service Providers! Due to the extra damages The Paul Davis Co. caused, our check from State Farm Insurance is just enought to require us to send it to our mortgage company. They will then send us 1/3 to complete 1/2 the work. After inspection #1 they will send us another 1/3 of OUR money to complete the job. After inspection #2 they will disperse the final 1/3 of the money so we can pay the contractor. Fun!

BTW-the house has been For Sale since February when f.f. let us know his credit would not allow him to purchase the house. Original price $72,000. Current price $55,000 "AS-IS"! Anyone????


Lissa Lane said...

No thanks ;) Now if you want us to move into the one you live in currently maybe lol

Ben & Bennie said...

This would make a great movie...wait...already been done.