Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's gettin' HOT in here!

The "stufff" is hitting the fan at Officer Boop's PD! One of the guys quit and had a revealing exit interview that was attended by the chief, city mayor, and city administrator. He let them know about all the inter-office affairs, property theft, and time theft! The chief was told "Find out what's going on and fix it, or else! You can either do it in-house, or I'll bring in an outside agency to do it for you!" So far there has been 1 sergeant poly-graphed...he's expecting his 3rd child w/ his corporal. He's married (obviously to someone other than the corporal), she's just a baby machine! She often is running personal errands, picking up her kids from daycare, or just "gone" while on the clock (even leaving a crime scene in the middle of an ongoing investigation)! All of these things were reported by 2 officers last summer...they were then black-balled, one has been fired and the other sent back to street patrol! There were alot of people that covered up the issues that were brought up. All of those people are now being investigated and most will probably go through polygraphs also. All the way up to lieutenant! With everything going on there be anywhere from 1-20 people w/o jobs in the near future!!!

So glad O.B. minds his own business!

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Ben & Bennie said...

I still think Big Boop is in order for a promotion regardless. Captain Boop sounds nice.