Friday, September 7, 2007

Sarah's angels!

Sister, Sarah, is from mountains! So she wanted to go for a hike today, but we had an Orange Ozone Alert. DH, Sarah, and I went driving instead. We stopped at Ceasar's Head State Park and walked along the edge so we could get good pics of the mountains. We came up to this:

So we get down inside and she wants to strike a pose:

Look closely at the top of the picture, where the exit meets the wood you see anything? Keep reading...

I decided to get a close up (unfortunately did not use the red-eye)

Nothing there!!! I know, these pics were all taken just a few seconds from each other! As she is walking out of Devil's Kitchen look what the camera catches:

It isn't dust! It's not on the picture before or the pics after! There isn't anything to reflect! On the original pic you can zoom in really closely and see a figure resembling an angel...with wings and a robe. There is also a noticable shadow on Sarah's back!!! There is a second lighter one at the bottom left side of the pic. I don't believe in ghosts, orb's, supernatural activites except angels!!!

The history is this: We were visiting my friend Tony on Sunday, and I asked him to tell Sarah his angel stories. He has many from his lifetime! He is actually in the process of publishing the book he has written containing his and other angel siting stories. He is a phenominal Christian man, and is always in the Word. He lives and breathes Christ!!! So, he was telling us and Sarah asked why she had never seen her angel? He said you haven't asked! So she stated that she would like to see her angel(s)!
4 days later!!!

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