Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cedar Point

What a beautiful site! Blue skies, white puffy clouds, and some of the best roller coasters in the WORLD!!!! They have some beautiful landscaping throughout the park.
Here are some of the fun coasters we did throughout the day.
Here is my sister, Sarah, about to go on her very first roller coaster ever...Maverick! About 2:00 in the afternoon, we took a water break and watched the insane folks ride this:We decided we weren't crazy enough for that. So we walked around the corner and found these:
Sarah and her BFF, Megan, rode this...O.B. and I rode this...It goes way, way up
and then goes way, way down. Then you shoot through the loading area and do it backwards, repeat the forward and backward and forward again.

Whew...How about something a little more calm?

Nope, not the skyway. Although this ride does go 420 ft into the sky! Straight up into the wild, blue yonder!

At 120 mph!

Mere seconds after the ride of a lifetime! Sarah sure did conquer her fears that day. WTG lil' sis!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I feel sick just looking at those rides.