Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Celebrating the failure

at Cedar Point! Not really celebrating, but since I'm not preggo, I might as well get Corkscrewed , pray like a Mantis , get Wicked Twisted, fly like a Raptor, and be Millenium Forced. Heck, by the time I leave there, I might even be deemed a Maverick! I'm going to ride all 17 roller coasters! And then eat "fair" food. Then I might get on the Himalaya, or some other spinning, twirling, whirling ride. I figure since I should have been just starting the puking faze of my pregnancy, I ought to see what it would have felt like. So, now you know how I "put my big girl panties on and Deal with it!"

Oh yeah, Why am I going to Ohio anyway?? To visit family. I have both parents, 4 siblings, and multitudes of extended family living in the Cleveland 'burbs. My remaining sibling, a 22 year old sister, will be in town with her boyfriend from California. They will be flying in on 6/12 or early on 6/13. We'll be driving up on 6/12. And there are only a few that know about it...the Cali girl, my bro (I left him a message on his voice mail, I think!), and my almost 16 yo sis. You remember her, don't ya? It's Sarah!!! From last summer's posts.

I like secrets! I'm glad my parents aren't old enough or frail enough to have heart attacks.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun!

Ben & Bennie said...

I'm waiting to hear about the trip!