Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The family

This is my side of the family. The begining of June O.B. and I took a surprise trip to Ohio. My 21 yo sis was in town from Cali with her bf. We managed to get 29yo bro around the house a few times during the 5 days. I arranged to have us all go to a photo shoot together!!!! After 2 hours of waiting, everyone finally shows up. Pics are done, processed and paid for. Out the door we go. Mom says lets go to the square for pics, since most of us are still dressed up. With much grumping from dad, away we go. Luckily there isn't a wedding this weekend. And the sun was shinning, and the square of Medina City, Oh is beautiful. So, here we go:
Dad and Mom

Me and O.B.

Amanda, visiting from Cali.

Sarah that visited here last year. She'll be back!!


Samantha-the baby

Samantha, David, and Emily-feel the love

"Littles", mom, and dad waiting oh so patiently in the background.

The entire family.

I think I might save some funny pics for another day.


Lisa said...

You have a beautiful family, Lisa.

Rhea said...

Love the photos! Beautiful scenery too. It's so nice to get family together. :o)