Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm it.

My first official tag! YippEE!!!!!!! YIppee!!!!!!!!! yiPPeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Wendy over at Notes from the Sleeped Deprived. Check her out! She's from somewhere in SC, I still haven't read everypost to figure out exactly where *shrug*, she has 3 beauty babes, and a DH that kicks butt!

The rules are to post 7 weird and private things about myself. Then run around in circles until I get dizzy and tag the first 7 people that I can.

I'm going to start with old stuff, basic stuff, then work up to wacky weird modern stuff. Here goes:

1) I am the oldest of 6 children, by the same parents, and we are not Amish or Catholic. We are in order:
Lisa Marie (Nurse Betty L. Boop) 32
David Lee 29
Amanda Rose 23
Sarah Anne almost 16 (stay off the sidewalks)
Emily Lynn 12
Samantha Renee almost 11

2) I am not named after Elvis' daughter. David is not named after the former leader of Van Halen.

3) I took Sarah with me to a class my senior year in highschool, for "show and tell" in Child Development class. She was less that 6 months old and everyone thought she was mine. NOT!

4) The last 2 "littles" as I like to call them, where born after I moved out and got married.

5) When I moved to SC in July of '96 I met a young college student named Arthur. I was his manager at the Burger King right across from his college and dorms. He was my faithful drive-thru closer. Shortly before I transferred to another store he brought his girl in to have dinner with him and to meet the other employees and managers. "Hi, nice to meet you. I won't be his boss for much longer, I'm moving to another store." Anyway, during this time I was being stalked by an evil ex-husband. When he wasn't standing in the parking lot, calling me on the phone, he was hiding under my car! (No kidding!) I thank God that I had a closing shift full of strong, capable young men to run my store and keep me safe. Shortly after the move I lost track of Arthur and his girl.

6) Remember that girl of Arthur's? Well, they got married and moved not too far away. The started having a few problems with getting pregnant. But they always wanted to foster and possibly adopt. So they got approved to be a foster family. They helped several kiddos, and sent them home or on to other families. They ended up grabbing one young lady for themselves. The second one they decided to snatch up is a little man that you have met in earlier posts...Rodney. Well, the family had to make a court appearance. So my boss sent me to this house to care for little Rodney while the family was gone for the day. When I walked up to the door, I realized who the daddy was for these special kiddos. He did NOT remember me...for a while. I gave hints, and just before leaving for the appt he got it figured out. He met his wife at the courthouse as she had been working that day, and they came back together. I was finally introduced properly and found out that her name is Lisa, wow, me too! Hers is Lisa Grace-Marie, definitly had parents that were Elvis fans!!!! What she didn't know at that meeting was she was pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In December this family welcomed another miracle to the bunch. And I was assigned as Rodney's nurse shortly after. Lisa and I quickly hit it off. We ended up getting identical hair cuts, we both want a tattoo, she drags me to kickboxing and karate 5 nights a week, she has alot of weird things that are the same as my dear O.B., and in January O.B. and I will take the whole clan to Disney for their first trip!!! So, now I'm an aunt to 3 of the greatest kids on earth!!!!!!!!!!

7) Monday morning O.B. got up about 5am to get ready for work. Keep in mind that he is a city police officer. He works 12 hour shifts-7am to 7pm. So, he's wearing his tighty-weightys and knee high black socks. He was getting ready to put his pants on when the door knob starts rattling and the door starts shaking in the hinges...
So he grabs his duty pistol. Walks slowly to the door thinking, "this is the dumbest criminal! Breaking into the only house in the neighborhood with a patrol car in the driveway." He opens the door quickly at the same time pointing the gun out at chest height. Looks left, right, left, right.


He takes a step out and repeats the process, looks left, right, left, right.


Then he feels something move at his knees.

Looks down...

Wild turkey on our porch at 6 am. We live in the city, in a subdivision, there shouldn't be wild turkey's trying to break into our house!!!!!!!

Now I have to tag 7 more of ya:

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3)Moon Cookie- she takes some of the most beautiful pics ever!

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5)Wheels on the Bus-she homeschools, her DH is a po-po too, and I've known her a while on OCP.

6)A Work of Art-Bennie, the man that got me into blogging to begin with! Read the whole blog people, it's amazing!!!!

7)Two girls and an angel-oh my! What to say about Melissa. She's a great friend that's been through too many TWW's with me!


Wendy said...

Thanks for the plug and the sweet words!

Number 6 is so sweet!

I love about the wild turkey. The only wild turkeys around here come in a bottle. lol

And pssst. Aiken. Don't tell anyone. lol

Anonymous said...

Great post. So funny about O.B. and the turkey.

Wendy said...

I could swear I saw you today. U have a silver Toyota SUV? The tag said NRSBETTY and there was a blue and black police officer sticker on it. Do you live in Aiken? Email me, address is on my profile.