Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's MTHFR and I'm so happy!!!

Did I get your attention? I'm praising the Lord that i'm broken! And we know what is broken and we have a bandaid for it.

I'm sorry for the excitement but it's really great to finally have an answer after 4 years and 2 angels.

I have the MTHFR mutation. It's on the c677t gene, and I have 2 of from each parent. It's actually the worst type of MTHFR to have, but now that I know about it we can hopefully do something to prevent another miscarriage and to prevent further complications from this gene.

This gene makes it so that I don't process folic acid correctly or completely. It leads to clotting disorders in the smallest veins and arteries (like the ones found in the uterus and placenta) and future vascular disorders like stroke, dvt's, heart attacks, and alzheimers.

Step 1: Take 4mg of Folic acid...forever, every day!
Step 2: Testing for homocysteine was sent off today.
Step 3: If those tests are abnormal, I will have to take baby aspirin everyday.
Step 4: If those tests are abnormal, I may have to take a blood thinner shot during ttc attempts.

The other reason to praise? Because now that I know I have it, we can also have my sisters tested before they ttc, before they have to suffer a miscarriage and the heart aches that they bring. I'm actually sending my paperwork to my mom so that she can try to get insurance to cover immediate testing for them. Having this gene leads to other health problems that can be avoided by taking the prescription strengths of folic acid! So, hopefully the test will be covered for the other 3 girls, and they can take the vitamin if necessary.

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