Friday, May 22, 2009

Hey guess what!!!!

I'm leaving for Disney in less than 6 hours to spoil OB at Star Wars Weekends!

My cycle has been coming earlier and earlier, so I was expecting for her to show up in the middle of last week, but it didn't happen. Then I packed to stay at the Karate house over the weekend and took plenty of supplies, and again...nothing! Same on Monday and I started wondering, then Tuesday nothing so I decided to test Wed morning. I took the test and laid it down to develop while I started to get ready. Looked over at it real quick as I was getting ready to throw it away, but wait!!! There is 2 lines OMG *faint* So I hurry to get ready, call Candice to let her know I'm going to be late, send a text to Lisa "It is positive!", and head to the doc's office for a blood test.

I threw the whole office off-kilter because I didn't call first, my ob is off, and the nurse (that i've become close to over the past 4 1/2 years) is in total shock, and has to search down my gyn to write the orders for a beta and progesterone. She said what I've been thinking "How did this happen? You weren't taking anything were you? How is your husband going to take it?" My answers..."No idea except GOD! No! and Probably not so great."

Wednesday night I came home and made dinner for my OB and after he got out of his uniform and got his drink and plate ready I broke the news:
Remember that your mom taught you not to say anything if you don't have something nice to say.
Funny look.
We're pregnant!
How did that happen?
But we only dtd once!
I know!
A little bit of thinking...
Well, don't go telling everyone or posting it anywhere.
Because we don't know if it's going to stick!
Well, it's there now, and i'm excited, so too little too late!
A lot more thinking...
That's good I guess.
Remember you aren't saying anything about it until it's nice!
Goodnight, I love you.

Thursday I got my numbers! My first beta at 4w5d is 432 *praise
Today my numbers...beta at 5w is 896 *praise*praise

Tonight we had 5 arby's roast beef sandwiches, 2 each. When he got the last one he asked if I needed it or at least 1/2 of it. I asked why I would need that many. He said "Cuz you have to feed two!" *giggle

We are leaving early in the morning for our Disney trip for Star Wars Weekends. And when we get back I'm headed to a maternal fetal medicine specialist to determine if I need Lovenox shots in addition to baby aspirin, 4.4mg Folic Acid/vit b, and my prenatal vitamin. That appt is Wed 6/4 at 3pm. I'll have my first ob appt and u/s on 6/9 at 2:40pm.

And that's the news. When I get back I promise to keep you all up to date with the pregnancy, and back track to get you through the last 6 months. I might also have a few pics to show off from my Nikon with my new 18-250 lens *wink


Lisa B. said...

I'm sooooo happy for you! Have a happy and healthy 9 (really 10) months.

Betsy said...

I am sending all the positive energy I can find your way! but please choose Obiwan as a name!hahaha

Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

Betsy-you are nuts...No Way in HELL! I'm choosing Obiwan as a name!