Friday, May 15, 2009

A lot of catching up to do

But not today!

Today I am worried about what is going on in DC. I believe a big giant Jesus stick needs to come down and crash their party! Have you heard about Bill s.909? “The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act.” Sounds like something that would keep O.B. from racial profiling doesn't it? That's not it at all!!! Read the following blog post from Morgan Writes:

U.S. Senate Bill S.909
May 9, 2009 by morganwrites
There is a bill on the fast track in the U.S. Senate (S. 909) that would not
only criminalize free speech but provide elevated protection to
The bill is euphemistically called “The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act.”It should rightfully be called “The Pedophile Protection Act.”
It was exposed as such when an amendment to exclude pedophiles from special legal protections, offered by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, was rejected by the Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee. Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Florida, admitted from the House Floor that this bill put 547 forms of sexual deviancies listed by the American Psychiatric Association, which he referred to as “all of these ‘philias’ and fetishes and ‘isms’” on the same level of elevated protection as “race … religion … gender … or
Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, a former appellate judge on the House committee, clarified further: “…We just rejected an amendment to including pedophilia from being a part of this protected class. Do you realize what that means?
“If a mother hears that their child has been raped and she slaps the assailant with her purse, she is now gone after as a hate criminal because this is a protected class. There are other protected classes in here. I mean simple exhibitionism. I have female friends who have told me over the years that some guy flashed them, and their immediate reaction was to hit them with their purse. Well now, he’s committed a misdemeanor, [and] she has committed a federal hate crime because the exhibitionism is protected under sexual orientation.”If there was ever a time for the Senate to stand and fight with a filibuster, that time is now. Especially since the Democrat majority does not yet have the contested seat filled with Al Franken, which would provide the votes to block a filibuster. Janet Porter of Faith2Action is calling for members of the Senate, Republicans and Democrats alike, to stop S. 909.
This bill in on the fast track to approval. But you can stop it.
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