Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some recent crafts

Turkey bread basket. Feathers, wings, and head/neck all colored by the almost 2 year old pictured above. Assembled by myself. Stuffed (tomorrow) by 2 year old's dad! Stuffing enjoyed by all!!!!!

Last week we made a cake for Rodney's 9th birthday. The little kids helped by adding ingredients to the bowl and hanging on my leg while it mixed together. The big kid, Candice, has perfected the art of squeezing stars...cramped hand and all ;^) I figured out that you really need to let red icing "rest" overnight to make it REALLY red. Shucks! Too bad I didn't think of that, um, the day before! As you can see, not so red Elmo was still enjoyed.

Happy Birthday Hot Rod!!!!!


Lissa Lane said...

Great Crafts!! I had a good little laugh over Rod eating Elmo's eye though

Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

Hahaha! Thanks, he usually can't stand to have anything that looks at him! So, this was a big surprise.